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Fresh wins from a Dad on Solo NOTS

 This is so wonderful to have NOTs auditing daily.

I used to feel there is an invisible jail around me.

No matter where I go, I could sense a giant wall between the person

and me.

    All kinds of isolation feelings around me.

    I wish my kids would not have this kind of feelings.

They do not need to copy their parents’ destiny.

   I wish they can stay positive and go for their dream.

Rich and happy. 

    I do my best to do the solo daily. Produce more and more in life.

    So I can give more theta to my family.

    There is a miracle .

    Since NOTs auditing, I felt the invisible jail is gone.

    The world is so beautiful. It is me who decides the fate.

It is me who creates the beautiful universe.

    NOTs is not only giving me lots of theta power, but also I can

raise my kids w/ an infinity of theta.

  • A Dad with three lovely kids

Stellar wins doing NED for OTS (NOTS)

Tony is getting fantastic gains on both Audited NOTS (OT V) and solo NOTS training

The breakthroughs from this last session pay for all the money I invested in NOTS and will invest, by an infinite magnitude because we have gained with me more of my infinite self

…I Didn’t expect to have a sudden good breakdown, tears and all, just now. saying that.

This is a remarkable thing to say.  It is a really big thing to say from my Honest with Myself point of view.

My THETA METER Tone Arm floated from  Kelso Washington State to Pasadena California. (This is a reference to the fact we have been auditing remotely from Pasadena to where Tony lives in WA-Ed.)

This is the charge I and we are taking off of me. The result is a chunk, a big chunk of me is opened up.

With my Scientology TRAINING & SESSIONS all this lifetime;  AND FOR THE FIRST TIME in my existence, I have been reading the manual and will be reading more of the manual on how a Thetan and Static Is (be)- does (do) – and has(have) .

Other related:

Remarkable I slept a long healing sleep, last night  

I am aware there is more to what we were particularly handling.

This adds to my certainty about what is going on with NOTS and confidence in what to do training on and eventually SOLO auditing on NOTS 6 etc.

…Good thing I am looking at this “goings-on” in writing all this down.  I need to thoroughly ack what went on and is going on SO I CAN BE READY FOR MY NEXT SESSION.

It would be a good problem if I was not sessionable because of still being “higher than a thetan kite”.



Another Stellar OT VI Completion!

In this course, I reviewed and learned many tools for handling the case. 

It helped me to have a better understanding about the tech and life. 
I do realize how powerful it is to have knowledge.

Due to this course, I am more stable , causative and being myself. 

It is very lucky for me to have Randy as my CS. 

He is vey experienced and sharp when going over the material with me.

WIth his help, I learned all the practical tools for OTVII.

Now I am excited to look forward to exploring in the next level–OTVII.

Simon Chang

Another Outstanding OT VI Completion

These guys and gals from Taiwan in Hellen Chen’s organization are amazing. Although English is a 2nd language for them, they are very diligent students of the tech, and highly motivated to progress up the Bridge. Here is the most recent success story:

In my OT VI, I got a lot of different view points to dig out case and learned so many tools to handle them.

Every piece of tech is very useful and not hard to operate.

After I completed my OT VI, I am a fully armed explorer and ready for my adventure on OT VII.

To read and understand an HCOB is one thing, but to have another experienced C/S to guide and check is another. It is so great I have both.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Thanks to Randy for going over each and every tech point with me – that really helps a lot.

I am ready for my OT VII. I know I will do it well. I am looking forward to moving up to next level of life and see a different view of this world.

Ming Hsieh

Latest Completion on OT VI

Here is the latest completion of the Solo NOTS auditor training, from a member of the Hellen Chen Organization:

I really enjoyed this journey .  Every time I picked up the Solo can , I blew my charge in a second
I felt during my OT 6, my beingness changed as well !!!!
I can move faster , and I know how to help myself to get out of introversion .
I feel surprisingly easy to talk and get connected with our Case Supervisor Randy .  Thank you for your help :))))

Many times I felt I have been understood by him and can work with the material smoothly.
I also feel appreciation to work with my group members and have the group support.
Also big thanks to my president Hellen, to carry me through all the way till now, and will also do so in the future :))))

Sandy Wang

Wins While on Solo NOTS

This is so wonderful to have Solo NOTs.  

Change viewpoint, change life.

 In daily life, there are lots of problems & challenges.  However, with daily NOTs, I can swiftly change the viewpoint to have more space to think with how to handle things.

 And the more I audit, the more I am aware how beautifully I exteriorize from the body. Then I can have better connection with all dynamics.

Since I have connections, I can really be cause over lots of things. I can also enjoy what I create.

 Solo NOTs is a really beautiful journey.


Fresh Gains on OT IV

 Here is my success story:

This OT Drug rundown level was really amazing.  I feel more in control of my actions as a first dynamic, more self determined.  I realized that I was under the control of the fourth dynamic and whereas I felt regaining my own determinism, I became aware of the exact mechanism in which the drug incidents made me less powerful as a Thetan, therefore as an individual.

The more I progressed into this level, the more I felt my self determinism increase exponentially.  The World around me looked brighter and the colors became more vivid, feelings of happiness pervaded me.  It is however not easy to express all these feelings into simple words. I wish everyone would feel the same way and could have the same wins that I had.
Thank you to my auditor and to L. Ron Hubbard to have given to us such amazing technology, the unique opportunity to go free, truly free.
Once again.


G. C.

Stellar OT VI Completion

OT VI (Solo NOTs Training) Completion—Success Story

Hello, Everyone!

I did it! I completed OT VI, the training step for Solo NOTs!

A little history for context: Decades ago, I co-audited up to Grade II, and years later, the rest of my lower bridge was audited by Trey Lotz (who is an amazing auditor).

I have one piece of “free advice” for others coming up the Bridge. It has certainly been said before, but find a good online academy in which to study Levels I-IV and co-audit or audit others as much as possible; this makes it easy to fly through this level of instruction.

Thanks to Randy Smith and his excellent training and C/Sing, I learned new skills as an auditor, polished the old skills, and I now feel confident to handle anything that comes my way as a Solo auditor.

But even if there’s no time to train up, and you’re ready to hop onto the OT levels, “Just do it,” as the ad says; be persistent and keep studying. Tenacity is everything!

Here’s an analogy for a win I had in the last couple of weeks of training: I felt I had been climbing a mountain for ages in mud and cold and fog, slogging along, but in the final part, the clouds moved aside, the sun burst out, and I saw a breathtaking, vast, bright, new vista to traverse. And so my journey will continue on Solo NOTs. I am so eager to begin the next stage!

Thanks to LRH, who mapped this terrain to begin with. Thanks again to Randy and Trey for being here to help!

With much ARC,

Mary Blackford

Completion of Original OT 7

Rehabilitation of the ability to project intention

Note: This is one of the levels that the Church stopped delivering in the early 1980’s. It is best done after the Ned for OTs levels. As you will see – it delivers astounding gains in ability. – Randy

What an OT Level!
How much have I longed for this moment for eons of years – to regain the ability to project intention.

This is something very special for me. And I guess for every thetan.

With this ability regained I can do so much more for all the dynamics.

And I will definitely use it very much and with great care for the greatest number of dynamics.

I feel a great calmness, a quality of calmness which I didn’t know before.

These Original OT Levels are so important. They really make you w-a-l-k as an OT.

Ron, to have a friend like you is so valuable that I have no words for it.

I feel so close to you already and I am very confident that we will have a very bright future all together. THANKS SO MUCH.

And, Randy, to be case supervised by you is really something. I always feel 100 per cent duplicated by you, 100 per cent understood. And every moment you C/S you just do the exact thing needed. Thank you so much.

Ingrid Hoffman

New Solo NOTS Course Completion

This gentleman from Taiwan has come through the Solo NOTS training with flying colors, and is now actively solo auditing “on the Level”. ( “NOTS” of course refers to New Era Dianetics for OTs, which is done after OT III.)


This is so great- that I could receive this service from Randy.

And I am so happy that I have finished OT6.

    Through the journey, I got more understanding about the tech.  

I do appreciate the NOTs tech.

Because of the tech, I have  not only regained my ability to really be cause over MEST and life, but it has also given me a whole new slant on, or attitude, about life.

    I am totally different than I have been for eons.

    By using the LRH study tech and going  over each aspect of the NOTS tech with Randy, I did really improve my awareness about life.

    So it is easier to spot any  difficulty and really vanish It!!!

    I feel I am so lucky I can really have the chance to study the NOTs tech and apply it.

     I know my life will never be the same. But even better than ever!!

     Thank you Randy, and thank you LRH.


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