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Win applying the tech – Academy Level 0

This just in from a long-time Scientologist who decided to do some Academy Level training, in the Independent Field – not only to enhance her solo auditing skills, but also in order to help others with the tech:

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

“Yesterday, after being supervised by Randy on my Level 0, I was able to help my friend (who is a 12 year Scientologist) handle her father.
Because she has had no training she did not understand why her father had reacted in an unwanted emotion towards her. I was able to explain that his unusual reaction came from his bank and how she could handle him with Good Roads, Fair Weather instead of digging further into his bank. I was able to explain WHY Good Roads, Fair Weather was the way to go, and give her examples of how she could put in ARC to bring about a better relationship.

She did as I suggested and within a couple of days, things were FINE between herself and her father!

Because of my training in LRH tech with Randy I have much more awareness of what the bank really is and the development of the Tech.

Randy has a wealth of knowledge and such a great way of coaching you on Ron’s tech, so that for the first time in my life I am interested in why people react in strange ways instead of  going the effect of it, myself

I am finally becoming Cause and I didn’t have to do the Student Hat again, twice!! Ha Ha!! Thank you Randy for being so amazing!

PS:  My friend is still “in the Church” – but she still calls me for advice like this!!”

– Anon

Solo NOTS Course Win – from an experienced Auditor

Taking on the responsibility to really 100% duplicate the tech is a lot to confront.



As an auditor, with a several hundred hours under my belt, I must say that seeing the tech work on others, is an experience that is vital to anyone embarking on Solo.

However, as valuable as that obviously is, I did not grasp fully at that time, the mechanics of LRH’s discoveries in the sense of the research building upon itself and most importantly, the essence of the theta universe as delineated in the Factors and Axioms.

Randy’s insight into the nature of the theta universe and his ability to instruct the Solo courses has been a godsend. Without discovering Randy and without the independent field I would have been deprived of the very reason I cognited on Scientology, as an answer to life’s ultimate mysteries. The tech, as taught by Randy, is a huge key out every session, full of coginitions and releases and total blows. My case gain has been 50% or more related to studying the tech. I can’t get enough of it. Randy always has the HCOB or tape I need to delve into a deeper understanding of the subject we are studying.

And most rewarding, he is my friend and we have lots of laughs together. What could be better?


Solo NOTS Student Success Story

This is the kind of success story that I would like many others to share:

Randy is a true gem. I have never had the type of personal service that Randy gives while in the church. While I have been trained by him he has been able to answer my many questions because he has and knows so much relevant LRH data. Randy has really done his homework and shows me the exact reference, tape or book that has cleared up all my past course questions so I can move forward onto my OT7 with no mysteries.


There is a lot of data that ties the whole OT data together that is just not part of the church course pack. Only individualized training with some one like Randy who has so much training and experience could  guide me through this maze of information.

I have never been so excited about studying and learning this material!

Thank you so much Randy!!

– Anon

Latest Win from a Solo Auditor Student

Thanks for the encouragement, Randy.

I really get a lot out of our training sessions and I appreciate that you grant me the beingness to fully express my viewpoints.

You do not stifle my freedom to think but encourage it.  That is the essence of a great teacher and a truly honest being.

I believe the “KSW” concept is vital for every group, not just Scientology, in order to keep their particular tech unadulterated.  But I also treasure freedom of thought and I abhor a milieu of blind-believer based totalitarianism.  No one and no system is perfect, and challenge and questioning, based on rational analysis and open discussion, is what keeps an organization from going stagnant and misapplying their own tech, ethics, and justice systems and in so doing, succumb to the wiles and dictates of some charismatic tyrant-SP. . . a throwback scene mimicking the Dark Ages (and beyond).  That, I believe, is precisely what we are trying to free mankind from, once and for all.


Thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness, and diligence in making sure that I get a strong foundation of understanding while also making our sessions highly instructive, stimulating, interactive, and fun.

I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.




Fresh Success from one of our Solo NOTS students

This is the best training experience I have ever had!!


After years in the church, struggling with arbitraries and uncaring supervisors, I finally have a highly trained Course Sup, CS, Auditor and Key to Life supervisor with me every step of the way on OT6.

Randy Smith knows his material in every detail extremely well.

He is highly intelligent with the best comm cycle and ARC.  

I look forward every day to my training with him because it is fun!

Randy makes sure that I have duplicated the material to be 100% certain that I will  easily be able to do my Solo NOTS.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have been introduced to him and plan on continuing  with him on other auditor training courses after this course, while I am soloing on NOTS – which I am about ready to start!   I am excited!


Rave OT III Completion in the Independent Field

These are the kinds of gains any sane person would want to have, and have others attain as well:


“OT III has removed the baffling lies from my universe.

“The “I’m-supposed-to’s”, the infiltration and soldering of others’ universes  into mine are either gone or apparent to me in present time, and I can as-is them through my new understanding.

“I discovered what it means to be OT, it is an unperturbed and safe and harmonious home where I now live.

“Because it is the world of OT perception and I only have the means of MEST communication, I would explain the EP as a loss of resistance to everything MEST which had formerly had me battling existence.

“I am floating.

“On a technical note, I am awed by the majestic generous genius of LRH.

“If I’m not auditing, I’m reading or listening to tapes everyday and getting case gain in that way.

“My CS and supervisor, Randy, seeing me through this, independently is monumental as a being, in doing this for another. His grasp and guidance of the tech is superior, effortless, graceful and compassionate.

“This has been a team effort, a long and winding road, not for the meek, that’s for sure.

“I would encourage all to summon up the courage and love for mankind to delve into this wonderful opportunity.

“In addition, I wrote the following success story while I was on OT III:

>” The tone level of the artistic endeavor can enhance or enturbulate given the terminals involved, however, there is one constant; that is, the artistic expression was given birth by the aesthetic mind. On OT III I have discovered one of my goals is to dwell in my aesthetic mind solely, regardless of the fallout around me. There is a beauty innately, securely floating there, so to speak, that is a welcome and familiar refuge. The theta universe, I dare say, I have grasped in my hands and heart, and I merely remind myself that I have a choice to gracefully be there or succumb to the entheta that it attracted. I actually KNOW I now have the ability to make the decision and I feel myself transcend to something or someplace that is not MEST, someplace that feels interesting and joyful. “<

— Anon. for now

Success after a study cleanup, now ready for Solo auditor training, here in SoCal

“Randy: I thought your technical skills and auditing presence were highly professional and effective. I much appreciated that your delivery was what I would call very CLEAN in that you did not get in the way of the process with additives from your own personality, case, or need to communicate while in the role of auditor. Consequently, I wasn’t distracted from my own case and was able to obtain insights and gains which gave me relief from study barriers of long standing. Very efficient.


“Not all auditors seem to quite get that, or perhaps they do but lack the professional willpower to resist the temptation to usurp, even if slight, part of the client’s session by interjecting comments, evals,comparisons, etc., from their own personal experiences and viewpoints. I very much appreciate an auditor whose expertise is such that he/she seems almost invisible, and that is how you came across, along with a pleasant touch of professional congeniality. As selfish, demanding, petulant as this might seem to someone who has never received auditing, it really isn’t — it’s just the way the tech works best.

“I also appreciated the program you laid out for getting me prepared and trained for Solo with an economy of cost and time without the seemingly endless protraction that many of us have experienced in the past making us feel that we being financially exploited. I got the feeling that you readily identified with such feelings on the part of “PCs”. I also had the sense that you have a mind which is very engineering-like: logical, quickly able to assess and outline a direct and effective course of action. I much appreciate that kind of clarity, leadership, and economy of thinking and communication.

Thank you.”

Success on the Road to OT VII

This is from one of our current students  – an OT V, who has had stops in moving on up the line.

We were able to help her handle some of these, using standard Supervisor two-way communication and word clearing, and she is now doing well on the E-meter drills, in preparation for doing Solo NOTs.

170px-We_Can_Do_It!      “Randy helped me clear up misunderstoods and uncertainties on the E-meter and mechanics of how it works.  

       ” I feel I now get the basic & simple concept of the meter and electrical terms & how it all works together in auditing.

       “I knew there was something about the meter that I wasn’t getting before, & something about electronics that was getting in the way.  Our work today located and pin-pointed terms I didn’t know I didn’t know.

Some mass regarding the meter has blown for me, I’m happy to say.

OT VII now looks possible!

– Sunbeam Jackson

Success while on OT III

This student of ours has been on OT III now for about 5 weeks, and is going very strong.

Tim and I are both very proud of how she is applying the tools from LRH she has trained to use:

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

     “I have noticed one of mankind’s mutual aberrations while on OT III.  

     “The multitude of beings on Earth have an identity of “stranger” to each of us.  

       “We befriend and trust a handful of beings in a lifetime; our families, our chosen friends and other social relationships – all others remain “unknown,” and we watch them go by or read about them in the news.  

        “I noticed this strongly agreed-upon “disconnect” after I noticed I could communicate to beings and grant them beingness, even though we’d never met, as far as I knew.  

        “My win is that I began to see every person I gazed upon as a potential source of communication, as a friend – to be granted understanding, compassion and help.”

–Anon. for now

We look forward to helping you get trained so you can achieve similar gains, yourself.

 ARC, Randy and Tim

Our Latest Completion on OT II – with Flying Colors

I feel like I won the lottery of life!

There I was blithely slugging away at OT II and I felt a seismic shift in my behavior, stemming from recognition of very identifiable sources of the fabric of what makes me a composite.  I literally found the ability to battle these essences from my OWN universe.

So, I am thrilled to be on the attack on my track and journey to the upper echelons of OT.  MEST universe-wise, I have had so many wins.



I rehabilitated artistic abilities I never had this lifetime. I never wrote anything in my life and I am collaborating on a Broadway show.

I’m teaching myself to sing and  I continue to play piano, a win from the L’s. I conquered problems about food and body issues and lost 14 lbs. in the process.

Also I am reveling in being an auditor. I love the ethical level of sticking to the tech no matter what. I guess I have also gained persistence. In life I am becoming more compassionate, and quite honestly saw my compulsions to make others wrong disappear expeditiously.

I’m looking forward to granting more beingness to others and I hope to be able to serve mankind in some as yet undiscovered way, but I’m looking into it.

Finally, I know I decide things here and now and I’m thrilled to be on my OT journey to discovering the power to be totally responsible for those postulates for the first time in a long time.


My heart and soul go out to thank LRH for discovering and sharing this with me , and to one of the most valuable beings I ever met, my CS, Randy.