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Wins on Solo NOTS and training

Hi all you wonderful thetans! I just ended a session on Solo Nots with a floating TA, and thought I would share some wins:
Noticed lately that my energy level is outstanding. I don’t feel hyper when i am relaxing, which I still love to do, but when I go into action lately, I really go into ACTION! Just before session today I whipped up a batch of Lamb Korma for the slow cooker, grinding my own spices, and also shredded 12 oranges into a fine julienne for a batch of orange marmalade made from a neighbor’s yard.

lamb korma

Then, I went into session for a few minutes and pretty soon just had to stop because the needle kept flopping to the right and to the left, off the dial, and me grinning from ear to ear!
This is a “day off” from training two people on Solo, in three hour training sessions at their home, three or four days a week. They are doing very well now, into the meter drills, each passing about two drills per day, with good wins.
Hats off to Greta Alexander, my Solo Nots CS, who has been getting me grooved into the correct application of Ron’s tech on this level, for which I am forever grateful.
Man, when you start to dust off an old OT like me, who had gotten rusty and crusty around the edges – its really really fun! And yes, I would like all of you to have similar gains to mine!

Success on Solo Course – after 30 years

Here is our latest win from a student on Solo training, who was an HGC auditor in the 70’s, but hadn’t audited since about ’79. ¬†After her first day on course:

I’m so happy to be training in a fun, expert and relaxed environment. It’s been wins, validation and getting to know the tech solidly. I’ve cleared up misunderstandings I’ve had for 30 years!

S.   5 Jan 2013