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Our Recent Solo Grad now OT I

This person has recently completed L-11, L-12 and Solo auditor training. And now, OT I, here in the Indie field!


                                                                                                       OT I

Pure playfulness as self, and enthusiastic ARC for others. OT I validated wins from L-11 & L-12, plus gave me a new exuberant quest for more truth.

I love LRH.

I thank Randy for resuscitating my auditing abilities, to make it possible for me to keep reaching for the stars. I also thank him for always listening.

-ARC, S.

Another Solo Course Completion


I took the Solo Auditor Course with one other person and Randy as the instructor. It was not only much less expensive to do the course this way but I received much more individualized instruction than I would have in a typical courseroom. Randy did a great job. He checked us out on each HCOB, answered our many questions, and had us drill each E-meter drill thoroughly. Randy is not only a very knowledgeable and capable instructor/auditor but he has a relaxed, friendly manner that made the course fun. I now feel confident using the E-meter and feel I am very well prepared to do the OT levels.

 Jim Treanor (feel free to publish with my name)


One of our first Completions on Solo

S.  is an interned Class IV auditor, who audited for years at a large org in the mid to late 1970’s, but not since then.   Tim and I are very proud of her as one of our first graduates of the Solo Auditor Course, just this week: (Feb 2013).


I just completed the Solo course with Randy.

It was the most rewarding and fun training I’ve had throughout ALL of my training and internships (which have been extensive.)

I received the 50% case gain everyday that one is supposed to achieve with training.

I was blowing charge on former misunderstandings, I was sharpening my skills with full certainty for the first time.

I can’t say enough about Randy as a coach. He has enormous ARC for his students and the subject and makes sure we are winning all the time. His gentle but no-nonsense manner, safely and thoroughly helped me to make 100% standard tech my own for the first time. Plus we had a million laughs.

I am not only ready to do my OT levels but I have a real desire to audit others because of my new found certainty on metering and the mechanics of the auditing process.

Wanting to help others drill this course is also a new game for me. My enormous gratitude goes out to Randy for helping me realize I can play a better game.

– S.

You will also be hearing from her twin and drilling partner on the course, Jim, very shortly as well.