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Success while on OT III

This student of ours has been on OT III now for about 5 weeks, and is going very strong.

Tim and I are both very proud of how she is applying the tools from LRH she has trained to use:

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

     “I have noticed one of mankind’s mutual aberrations while on OT III.  

     “The multitude of beings on Earth have an identity of “stranger” to each of us.  

       “We befriend and trust a handful of beings in a lifetime; our families, our chosen friends and other social relationships – all others remain “unknown,” and we watch them go by or read about them in the news.  

        “I noticed this strongly agreed-upon “disconnect” after I noticed I could communicate to beings and grant them beingness, even though we’d never met, as far as I knew.  

        “My win is that I began to see every person I gazed upon as a potential source of communication, as a friend – to be granted understanding, compassion and help.”

–Anon. for now

We look forward to helping you get trained so you can achieve similar gains, yourself.

 ARC, Randy and Tim


  1. treylotz says:

    This is a good example of going from exclusion to inclusion as LRH describes in the Sanity Scale.

  2. one of those who see says:

    What a beautiful win!!!! This is Scientology! Well done to the Pre OT/Auditor and C/S!!

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