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Success after a study cleanup, now ready for Solo auditor training, here in SoCal

“Randy: I thought your technical skills and auditing presence were highly professional and effective. I much appreciated that your delivery was what I would call very CLEAN in that you did not get in the way of the process with additives from your own personality, case, or need to communicate while in the role of auditor. Consequently, I wasn’t distracted from my own case and was able to obtain insights and gains which gave me relief from study barriers of long standing. Very efficient.


“Not all auditors seem to quite get that, or perhaps they do but lack the professional willpower to resist the temptation to usurp, even if slight, part of the client’s session by interjecting comments, evals,comparisons, etc., from their own personal experiences and viewpoints. I very much appreciate an auditor whose expertise is such that he/she seems almost invisible, and that is how you came across, along with a pleasant touch of professional congeniality. As selfish, demanding, petulant as this might seem to someone who has never received auditing, it really isn’t — it’s just the way the tech works best.

“I also appreciated the program you laid out for getting me prepared and trained for Solo with an economy of cost and time without the seemingly endless protraction that many of us have experienced in the past making us feel that we being financially exploited. I got the feeling that you readily identified with such feelings on the part of “PCs”. I also had the sense that you have a mind which is very engineering-like: logical, quickly able to assess and outline a direct and effective course of action. I much appreciate that kind of clarity, leadership, and economy of thinking and communication.

Thank you.”

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