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Solo NOTS Student Success Story

This is the kind of success story that I would like many others to share:

Randy is a true gem. I have never had the type of personal service that Randy gives while in the church. While I have been trained by him he has been able to answer my many questions because he has and knows so much relevant LRH data. Randy has really done his homework and shows me the exact reference, tape or book that has cleared up all my past course questions so I can move forward onto my OT7 with no mysteries.


There is a lot of data that ties the whole OT data together that is just not part of the church course pack. Only individualized training with some one like Randy who has so much training and experience could  guide me through this maze of information.

I have never been so excited about studying and learning this material!

Thank you so much Randy!!

– Anon

1 Comment

  1. treylotz says:

    This is typical of the high quality product that Randy consistently delivers, what he is doing is invaluable!

    Very Well Done!

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