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Success on Solo Auditor Training- Espiritu

Many of you will recognize our friend Espiritu, from his frequent postings on “the blogs”:

Training Success
“I just had a good time today getting back into solo meter drills. It had been about 20 years since I had done them and I had a lot of concerns about being successful at them. Even though I had completed the Solo I course, I have never done an OT level. For the last few months I have been occasionally doing non-solo meter drills with a friend and fellow student. I was having good wins doing this, but was feeling kind of “aimless” about the whole cycle.

Randy correctly suggested my just getting on solo drills since my current purpose is to solo audit. So I got a few hours of one-on-one tutoring from him on solo drills, and Wham! Turns out that it was a correct indication.


I have audited others before and didn’t recall having much difficulty seeing reads and F/Ns. I enjoyed auditing. I liked all of my PCs and they had good wins. I felt I was pretty good at meter drills. Recently though, I had been “secretly” feeling a little uncertainty about reads and FNs when doing the meter drills, even though others were mostly happy with my drilling. It turns out that it was actually a bit off purpose for me to continue to do the drills after I had refamiliarized myself with doing them again.

My purpose at this time (at long last!) is to AUDIT MYSELF ON THE OT LEVELS. As soon as I started doing the Solo Auditor drills I was BACK ON my present purpose! It is going great! And it is very interesting to me that my TA went back in range, my needle action became smooth again like it used to be 20 years ago, and, miracle of miracles, I was FNing again! After 20 years as a “stalled” solo auditor.   🙂   I just couldn’t stop F/Ning!  🙂     I also noticed that as usual I really like my PC (or rather Pre-OT) a lot!   🙂    .  And I just don’t have any intention of missing reads or F/Ns or bypassing wins as I audit me!
I think that this is going to be a lot easier than I thought. Randy is a really good coach. I highly recommend his services to anyone who simply wants to get moving on solo auditing on their OT levels.”

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