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Wins from TRs and Metering Workshop


Last week Tim and I held a TRs * and Metering Workshop here in the LA area for a bunch of our students.  It was highly successful. Following are some wins from some of those who attended:

* TRs   Precise Training Routines or drills which gradiently enable a student to communicate more effectively.



Success Story

It was rewarding helping out at the TRs & Metering Workshop. I coached people new to Scientology, who had done no or very few services at an Org and who had not been corrupted with Miscavigology, on the TRs . We used straight LRH and the wins the students had were “just like in the old days”.   🙂   As a coach it is a pleasure to check out and word clear new people on LRH bulletins which they are reading for the first time and then do the TRs with them. As they win, their wins become wins for me, too. And of course one also always has personal first dynamic wins whenever doing TRs. Here is one I had while doing TRs with students at the workshop:

I realized that, having had countless bodies throughout the millennia, each time I have had one others have sought to identify that body as “ME“. Therefore, in the minds of many there are a whole lot of “MEs” out there on the time track. But that is just not at all true. In fact, the simple truth is that there is only one actual “ME“.     I’ve been here all along.   Fortunately I have no plans to abdicate. That is the one impossibility……since I am a BEING.     🙂



Success Story

It was nice to have a group and a courseroom again.  And an “under-the-radar”  friend of mine asked skeptically, “well how was, it?  Was it standard?”  I can confidently tell her and all others YES, it was standard LRH tech.  The Sups, Randy and Tim, were excellent.  Let’s get more people to the next one.  It’s fun to interact with others and hone your skills for real application!

Best wishes,
Success Story

It was fun getting together with other theta and  like-minded individuals in a workshop and doing solo metering drills with my competent and helpful twin.

Randy and Tim helped me finally clear up a word that had been difficult to totally get in the past.  This has happened a few times under Randy’s tutelage.

I feel I’m really understanding the Tech and gaining the competency to audit myself on Solo NOTs.

Nicci Lotz


Success Story
I’ve been working on E-Meter drills for a couple of days.  At first, I had a hard time remembering the reads, but Randy coached me and got me the bulletins describing the reads, and I started to “get” the reality of of the reads and my meter as I progressed through drills 11-15.

I’ve gone from stumbling and uncertainty to catching the precise reads and when they occur, along with some of the nuances particular to Grade V and above.

I even learned how to coach and validate myself on observing meter reads that I do solo, as I learn how to solo audit.

Wow!  I can read e-meter reads!

Thanks, Randy, for patient and in-tech guidance on these meter drills.  I feel certain about my ability to spot these reads now.

ARC,  Mary Blackford


By popular demand, we will be having more of these workshops in the Los Angeles area in the coming months.

It is a good way for those on auditor training courses to do TRs and e-meter drills, with others to work with, in a friendly and safe environment with standard (which includes helpful)  course supervision.

Best,  Randy and Tim

Please use the contact form below for questions and interest in attending future workshops:


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  1. idealgoal says:

    You look to make Nice Job there! So looks to me Very Great, while when you Win, We All Win; imho.

    Infinite Exponential Love And Happiness,

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