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Recently “out” Class VIII OT 8 has wins on study in the Indie Field

I am new to the Indie field but have been a Scientologist
for over 40 years with a lot of training under my belt.

I just got my first spot check by Randy and it was fantastic!
Because of Randy’s ARC and purpose of addressing ones
understanding instead of roteness, I cognited that the checkout
is an extension of your understanding –  not to find out what you
This will make my studying and participation in this course
much more enjoyable for me.

Thanks Randy for giving me a standard checkout the way
LRH would have done it.


Bruce Taylor
Class 8 OT 8

Life Repair Completion

Ian had tried very hard to get service in the Church, but it didn’t work out (for reasons we all know too well -:) – so he came to us in the Indie Field.

He just completed Life Repair, and here is his success story:


” Life Repair is powerful!  My auditor, Randy Smith was great & very thorough with my questions & we handled quite a bit.

” I know now what direction I want to go in my career (research & investigation), I feel fairly confident that my life will not get any worse, I feel more present & in touch with my body, am better at listening without anxiety or dread as  I used to have before.

” My attention with others & in particular my girlfriend is much better – and I have certainty that auditing works.

” I had been to therapists in the past & rarely left feeling good – usually I left sad, angry, frustrated or disappointed – whereas here each session felt awesome!  This is WAY different than Church of Scientology auditing in that I can talk about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING without fear of going to ethics or being pressured to buy more, or donate more, at every entrance or exit.

“The Tech is Here and I am grateful it exists.  I recommend everyone try it for themselves and see the results firsthand.

“Looking forward to the next steps!”

–  Ian


Win on the Solo NOTS Course

On the Solo NOTS course, also called OT VI, one learns the data and tools to successfully solo on OT VII.  Toward the end of OT VI, one does quite a lot of solo auditing, gaining experience and expertise with the tools.  Here is a recent success story from one of our student Solo NOTS auditors:


stellar outburst

” I noticed a change as I was auditing this week on OT VI.  After looking it over I realized that I had exteriorized from my case.  I could see how the environment affected my case, and the reactions, but could also see they were not my reactions.  It seems more confrontable now that there is that intervening space between me and the case being handled on this level.

“I can also say that I really enjoy auditing on this level.  It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

“I would like to thank Randy for his encouragement and  for keeping me me going in the correct direction with Ron’s Standard Tech.”



College Professor Benefits from Solo Auditor Training

Mary teaches English and Literature at a college here in California. She sent me this win recently, from the Solo Auditor Course:


Dear Randy:

I just want to express how happy and grateful I am to be working with you on my Solo course. We do a lot of little detours and some important word clearing that are valuable to me in life as well as in auditing.


For example, we talked about the overt cycle * (involving misunderstood words (MUs) or symbols) today, and I feel so much better about being around critical students (and knowing precisely where all that comes from)! Just knowing where all this comes from takes the stigma and guilt off me as an instructor, and also relieves me of having to target my students as “bad” or “difficult” students. Good grief, they’re suffering from MUs! Simple! (Of course, I do all I can to educate students about MUs, but you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.)

There are also unexpected benefits to the detouring and “off-the-beaten-path” word clearing—things such as learning what BPC* truly means. For realz, not thinking I’d “missed” spotting some BPC on a PC! Omg. So much self-blame all this time! So much “en garde” against MISSING ANYTHING OR MAKING ANY ERROR on a PC! What relief!

It’s amazing to me that I have been so ready to blame myself for my students’ bad attitudes, for overts in auditing that I didn’t commit, or to think I “lacked” in some way because I felt a certain way about things. (Yeah. The sensitivity to restimulative TV shows.)

Your patience, generosity, and ability to grant beingness to futzy (oh, there I go again!) students is wonderful and remarkable, and I am so glad to be your student.

And as a bonus, holy cow, I get all exterior and motivated and excited and uptone and stuff. Niiiice!

I look forward to working with you for a very long time.


Mary Blackford

*  Cycle of an Overt – It goes like this.  1) a being doesn’t get the meaning of a word or symbol. 2) This causes the being to misunderstand the area of the symbol or word (who used it, whatever it applied to). 3) This causes the being to feel different from or antagonized toward the user or whatever of the symbol and so makes it all right to commit an overt.  4) Having committed the overt, the being now feels he has to have a motivator and so feels caved in.  This is the stuff of which Hades is made.  This is the trap.  This is why people get sick.  This is stupidity and lack of ability”  L. Ron Hubbard HCOB 8 Sept 64

*BPC = By-passed Charge.  1.  Mental energy or mass that has been restimulated in some way in an individual, and that is either partially or wholly unknown to that individual and so is capable of affecting him adversely -L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Abridged Dictionary