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Win on the Solo NOTS Course

On the Solo NOTS course, also called OT VI, one learns the data and tools to successfully solo on OT VII.  Toward the end of OT VI, one does quite a lot of solo auditing, gaining experience and expertise with the tools.  Here is a recent success story from one of our student Solo NOTS auditors:


stellar outburst

” I noticed a change as I was auditing this week on OT VI.  After looking it over I realized that I had exteriorized from my case.  I could see how the environment affected my case, and the reactions, but could also see they were not my reactions.  It seems more confrontable now that there is that intervening space between me and the case being handled on this level.

“I can also say that I really enjoy auditing on this level.  It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

“I would like to thank Randy for his encouragement and  for keeping me me going in the correct direction with Ron’s Standard Tech.”



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