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New OT I completion in the Indie Field


Mary has recently completed her Solo I course, and just last week, did OT I.  Here is her shining success story:

OT I Success Story
Aug. 2, 2014

After a long, long runway, just starting my Solo course and my OT levels are huge wins for me!
So many people focus on OT III that I had no idea this “baby step,” with its simple commands, could lead me to a profound change in viewpoint toward others and my relationships with them.

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

 I realized that my attitude and state of being are not just something I do, alone, but that other beings (no matter what their case level), recognize, too. Because we are all thetans, we really do recognize the state of other beings to some degree (some better than others, but it’s something we all do natively). We project our state onto others, and it is reflected back. So, whatever our state of being, that bounces right back to us!

Things that happen in the theta universe don’t just stay in the theta universe. It’s all translated through flows, intentions, actions, creations, and MEST, including bodies. It’s a big “create-fest” around here! We are art in action, all the time, everywhere! And you just gotta admire the infinite variety of creations! Astounding! Our native state is to create. Not a noun or an adjective, but a verb: “To create.” “To create R us.”

I find myself in much higher ARC with others now, and people (and animals) react to me with higher ARC, too. I seem to attract more higher-toned people! The “smear of fear” that used to occlude my theta perception is gone. The effort to create ARC or reach others’ ARC level is gone. I “just do it.” I can be there comfortably with others much more easily, their case, creations, and all!

stellar outburst

Thanks so much to Ron for finding all these truths, having the courage and tenacity to follow the truths through, to their logical end, then organizing the steps (small and large) of the Bridge so nicely for us.

Thank you to all who persist in keeping Scientology working, too! I especially want to thank my Solo course supe, C/S, and friend, Randy Smith, for being there to deliver tech with care, ARC, and precision! On to OT II! Allonz-y!




  1. Tim S says:

    What great wins. Nicely done to both Auditor and Sup!

  2. Anita Warren says:

    Good job, ya’ll, and thanks for sharing it!

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