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A Shining Pearl is Free to Shine – OT II Completion

We are very proud of this student and Pre-OT, who has done a thorough job on OT II, with the resultant rewards.  Here is her Success Story:


    It has been a long road, with many ditches to dig along the way, but every session brought me closer to — myself.

Quiver Tree Milky Way-X2

       Imagine being an oyster at the bottom of a nice, cozy oyster bed. Imagine you find a way to shuck the hard bits of shell off, one at a time. It’s a shell you never wanted, but had to develop to protect yourself – (or so you thought!)

       Imagine harboring a beautiful pearl all this time, deep inside, and after all the shucking of black, hard, immovable bits you thought you had to have, finally, lo and behold, you discover that the beautiful pearl is YOU!       And then that pearl is free to shine.  Really SHINE.


       OT II is kinda like that.


        I have discovered a calm and a serenity that I rarely experienced in this life, and certainly not to this degree.

       With no reservation in saying this, I feel the most calm and serene I’ve ever felt in this life.


         I must thank Dora and Joe for their hospitality when I did my Solo Course and the first and last bits of OT II, and for being such great friends and thetans, and for creating a safe space in which to study and audit.

         I must also thank Randy Smith, my trainer, Case Supervisor and friend, for his spot-on teaching, application of TRULY Standard Tech, and for the patient, kind Case Supervising over these past months.  THANK YOU!


        And of course, thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for creating this Bridge for us in the first place!  Words fall far short of expressing the extent of the wins I have had on OT II.

        My amazement at Ron’s gifts to mankind grows daily.

        Bring on OT III!

Mary Blackford



  1. Chris Black says:

    Yowsa! That’s magnifico! 🙂

  2. Ronnie Bell says:

    What an incredible success story. I’m at Clear and still have the Solo I course ahead of me, but I can so relate to what you’ve communicated here. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to. It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  3. noracuriston says:

    Wonderful win! I’m currently working on my Solo II at Observation Mountain Academy in Canada. I can see I have a LOT to look forward to!

  4. Odd Thomas says:

    Awesome Mary!! A bright shiny pearl indeed :o)

  5. Hallie Jane says:

    Congratulations Mary! What a diligent and wonderful job you did. It makes me very happy to see people completing their auditing on their own terms, after years of stupid, unnecessary stops. Brilliant job! VWD Randy! I know I can confidently refer people to you, looking for help, to get very good care. Whether you’re the tortoise or the hare, Randy will help YOU achieve your goals, with your best interests at heart. It’s my pleasure to call you both friends.
    Dora Luca/aka Hallie Jane

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