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Jerry had just gone Clear and done L-11 with Trey Lotz, who sent him over to me for Solo Course and OT Levels.  Jerry did the whole course from his home in Sweden, and I coached him and checked him out over Skype.  He did the whole course very diligently,  all the clay demos,  drills,  etc.  .  And keep in mind that English is his second language, after Swedish!  We are very proud of him:


I used to think that not knowing was sort of the beauty in it all. Because if I NOT KNOW something and still get it right, there must be some truth in it.

Quiver Tree Milky Way-X2

Interesting viewpoint huh?

The solo course was my first step, I would say, in actually fully understanding and knowing Scientology.

I credit much of this to going Clear and L11 with Trey Lotz.

It was during that time when I realized the power of knowingness.

Randy has been great. Can’t stress that enough. He’s been giving me everything I’ve asked for, answered all my questions and led me through the right path.

The greatest realization of the solo course to me was what studying can do for you. I have heard many say this but never really believed them. The amount of help TRUE studying does for you in life, is almost as astounding as auditing itself.

This all comes back to KNOW. Auditing gives you KNOW. True studying gives you KNOW.

I’m fascinated by my own dexterity, speed and purpose doing this course. Not once have I stopped or hesitated in my studies. I’m very proud of what I have managed to do, understand and won on this course. And I’m sincerely grateful for all the support I’ve gotten from Randy. He is a super trainer!

For any last words I would like to indicate the importance of the tech and in it the importance of your own goals, ethics and the listening to oneself.

The sole reason why this course have gone so well for me is just that. I listen to myself and therefore stay on the correct goal and in working on that goal I keep my ethics in. This might seem easy or hard depending on where you are. All I can say is that it gets easier the more you do it. And going Clear really.. really… helps.. 🙂

Thank you Ron for all the wonderful work you have done. And for all the further tech and knowledge you have in store for me and the rest of this planet. The more I learn of you, the more impressed I am of what you have done. It is not many that I can say that about. But you Ron. You are a true Hero!