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Lans Completes OT VI – Solo NOTS Course

One of the nicest qualities of the course is its gentle gradient, even having studied before, it still looked quite a lot to do but it is set up so you don’t fail.

Quiver Tree Milky Way-X2
The fact that in the former organization I did some training a while ago and did student auditing on the very lower part of the grades has helped a lot.

But don’t let that put anyone off but rather consider doing some training as one progresses through the OT levels – if not done already.

In pure data terms: This is so much better than in the former set-up (pun intended…) as one has all the data at hand.

It takes some organization and discipline to get time and get the study done and then be sessionable but even with a 55 hour working week, one can still get several sessions in each and every day.

The auditing is something

A clear illustration: Pick up some cans and try to get the needle to move with thought. If in your training you did e-meter drills or observed people doing so, in order to get reads for training purposes, it can be a bit of a task.

Well, when you go into session and see big reads and tone arm blowdowns and more blowdowns, wide F/Ns, even a Floating Tone Arm in a short session of a few minutes, and are yourself in the middle of this charge coming off, it is really something.

Randy, especially with his training and experience, should be applauded for making this available.

He was very contactable and could direct to me to data for queries easily.

All this, from beginning to getting though the study and onto the sessions and completing; all done at a distance of several thousand miles…

I hope one day to make some difference myself, after all this and doing a little further training and then internships.

But for now even with two jobs this much can be done thanks to Randy.