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Out of this World Wins on Original OT 5

As many of you know, LRH had developed earlier versions of OT Levels 5, 6, and 7, which were delivered mainly in the 1970s.  The Church stopped delivering these Original OT Levels by the early 1980’s.  

But as the following success shows – they produce outstanding gains.  It is recommended that they be done after completing Solo NOTS.


Wins from my Original OT 5

What a Level!

This has been a wonderful trip through the theta universe, through my own universe. I feel so much more familiarized with my abilities as a thetan.


I know I don’t have to be connected to MEST* if I don’t want to be.

I can be MEST at will or not. No need to be effect to MEST.

I am much more familiarized with my abilities as a thetan.


I feel much less need to go into the body again.


My ARC with my body has risen.


I feel much bigger as a thetan.

What a trip!


Great thanks to our wonderful and best friend of all – RON.

Ron, you did it again. I have no words for what you have done for me (and all of us).


I will use my abilities with great care and thetan power.


And thanks to you, Randy. You made it possible for me to learn so much more about me and my thetan abilities.


-I. H.

*MEST – Matter, Energy, Space and Time, i.e. the physical universe.


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