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New Solo NOTS Course Completion

This gentleman from Taiwan has come through the Solo NOTS training with flying colors, and is now actively solo auditing “on the Level”. ( “NOTS” of course refers to New Era Dianetics for OTs, which is done after OT III.)


This is so great- that I could receive this service from Randy.

And I am so happy that I have finished OT6.

    Through the journey, I got more understanding about the tech.  

I do appreciate the NOTs tech.

Because of the tech, I have  not only regained my ability to really be cause over MEST and life, but it has also given me a whole new slant on, or attitude, about life.

    I am totally different than I have been for eons.

    By using the LRH study tech and going  over each aspect of the NOTS tech with Randy, I did really improve my awareness about life.

    So it is easier to spot any  difficulty and really vanish It!!!

    I feel I am so lucky I can really have the chance to study the NOTs tech and apply it.

     I know my life will never be the same. But even better than ever!!

     Thank you Randy, and thank you LRH.


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