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Stellar OT VI Completion

OT VI (Solo NOTs Training) Completion—Success Story

Hello, Everyone!

I did it! I completed OT VI, the training step for Solo NOTs!

A little history for context: Decades ago, I co-audited up to Grade II, and years later, the rest of my lower bridge was audited by Trey Lotz (who is an amazing auditor).

I have one piece of “free advice” for others coming up the Bridge. It has certainly been said before, but find a good online academy in which to study Levels I-IV and co-audit or audit others as much as possible; this makes it easy to fly through this level of instruction.

Thanks to Randy Smith and his excellent training and C/Sing, I learned new skills as an auditor, polished the old skills, and I now feel confident to handle anything that comes my way as a Solo auditor.

But even if there’s no time to train up, and you’re ready to hop onto the OT levels, “Just do it,” as the ad says; be persistent and keep studying. Tenacity is everything!

Here’s an analogy for a win I had in the last couple of weeks of training: I felt I had been climbing a mountain for ages in mud and cold and fog, slogging along, but in the final part, the clouds moved aside, the sun burst out, and I saw a breathtaking, vast, bright, new vista to traverse. And so my journey will continue on Solo NOTs. I am so eager to begin the next stage!

Thanks to LRH, who mapped this terrain to begin with. Thanks again to Randy and Trey for being here to help!

With much ARC,

Mary Blackford


  1. Sophie Carpenter says:

    YAY Mary!!!

  2. Nick says:

    super! nice to hear about that! further success!

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