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Another Outstanding OT VI Completion

These guys and gals from Taiwan in Hellen Chen’s organization are amazing. Although English is a 2nd language for them, they are very diligent students of the tech, and highly motivated to progress up the Bridge. Here is the most recent success story:

In my OT VI, I got a lot of different view points to dig out case and learned so many tools to handle them.

Every piece of tech is very useful and not hard to operate.

After I completed my OT VI, I am a fully armed explorer and ready for my adventure on OT VII.

To read and understand an HCOB is one thing, but to have another experienced C/S to guide and check is another. It is so great I have both.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Thanks to Randy for going over each and every tech point with me – that really helps a lot.

I am ready for my OT VII. I know I will do it well. I am looking forward to moving up to next level of life and see a different view of this world.

Ming Hsieh

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