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Stellar wins doing NED for OTS (NOTS)

Tony is getting fantastic gains on both Audited NOTS (OT V) and solo NOTS training

The breakthroughs from this last session pay for all the money I invested in NOTS and will invest, by an infinite magnitude because we have gained with me more of my infinite self

…I Didn’t expect to have a sudden good breakdown, tears and all, just now. saying that.

This is a remarkable thing to say.  It is a really big thing to say from my Honest with Myself point of view.

My THETA METER Tone Arm floated from  Kelso Washington State to Pasadena California. (This is a reference to the fact we have been auditing remotely from Pasadena to where Tony lives in WA-Ed.)

This is the charge I and we are taking off of me. The result is a chunk, a big chunk of me is opened up.

With my Scientology TRAINING & SESSIONS all this lifetime;  AND FOR THE FIRST TIME in my existence, I have been reading the manual and will be reading more of the manual on how a Thetan and Static Is (be)- does (do) – and has(have) .

Other related:

Remarkable I slept a long healing sleep, last night  

I am aware there is more to what we were particularly handling.

This adds to my certainty about what is going on with NOTS and confidence in what to do training on and eventually SOLO auditing on NOTS 6 etc.

…Good thing I am looking at this “goings-on” in writing all this down.  I need to thoroughly ack what went on and is going on SO I CAN BE READY FOR MY NEXT SESSION.

It would be a good problem if I was not sessionable because of still being “higher than a thetan kite”.



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