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Fresh wins from a Dad on Solo NOTS

 This is so wonderful to have NOTs auditing daily.

I used to feel there is an invisible jail around me.

No matter where I go, I could sense a giant wall between the person

and me.

    All kinds of isolation feelings around me.

    I wish my kids would not have this kind of feelings.

They do not need to copy their parents’ destiny.

   I wish they can stay positive and go for their dream.

Rich and happy. 

    I do my best to do the solo daily. Produce more and more in life.

    So I can give more theta to my family.

    There is a miracle .

    Since NOTs auditing, I felt the invisible jail is gone.

    The world is so beautiful. It is me who decides the fate.

It is me who creates the beautiful universe.

    NOTs is not only giving me lots of theta power, but also I can

raise my kids w/ an infinity of theta.

  • A Dad with three lovely kids

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