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Jerry had just gone Clear and done L-11 with Trey Lotz, who sent him over to me for Solo Course and OT Levels.  Jerry did the whole course from his home in Sweden, and I coached him and checked him out over Skype.  He did the whole course very diligently,  all the clay demos,  drills,  etc.  .  And keep in mind that English is his second language, after Swedish!  We are very proud of him:


I used to think that not knowing was sort of the beauty in it all. Because if I NOT KNOW something and still get it right, there must be some truth in it.

Quiver Tree Milky Way-X2

Interesting viewpoint huh?

The solo course was my first step, I would say, in actually fully understanding and knowing Scientology.

I credit much of this to going Clear and L11 with Trey Lotz.

It was during that time when I realized the power of knowingness.

Randy has been great. Can’t stress that enough. He’s been giving me everything I’ve asked for, answered all my questions and led me through the right path.

The greatest realization of the solo course to me was what studying can do for you. I have heard many say this but never really believed them. The amount of help TRUE studying does for you in life, is almost as astounding as auditing itself.

This all comes back to KNOW. Auditing gives you KNOW. True studying gives you KNOW.

I’m fascinated by my own dexterity, speed and purpose doing this course. Not once have I stopped or hesitated in my studies. I’m very proud of what I have managed to do, understand and won on this course. And I’m sincerely grateful for all the support I’ve gotten from Randy. He is a super trainer!

For any last words I would like to indicate the importance of the tech and in it the importance of your own goals, ethics and the listening to oneself.

The sole reason why this course have gone so well for me is just that. I listen to myself and therefore stay on the correct goal and in working on that goal I keep my ethics in. This might seem easy or hard depending on where you are. All I can say is that it gets easier the more you do it. And going Clear really.. really… helps.. 🙂

Thank you Ron for all the wonderful work you have done. And for all the further tech and knowledge you have in store for me and the rest of this planet. The more I learn of you, the more impressed I am of what you have done. It is not many that I can say that about. But you Ron. You are a true Hero!



Tony has just started a course reviewing LRH’s Study Technology,  and here is a win he had in the first week, after we did some standard word clearing…


My first study/coaching etc with Randy . . .

Thanks Randy for opening up the true magic of the very great phenomena of The THREE BARRIERS TO STUDY

This explains why I could never really be near and with the bulletin by being a big dramatizer of LACK OF MASS and SKIP GRADIENT on what I was studying.

Re-stimulating in full the 17 years of schooling and college along with my first 7 years of this life.

This was every time I picked up this bulletin for at least 15 times!

After I blew down and line charged for some time, I was really there with the bulletin and what Ron Was Saying.

I definitely want in my auditing program to spot and blow the events this in this lifetime (and down the track as needed)

Thanks again for using standard LRH Scientology on me.

I will never be the same.


Fresh Success from one of our Solo NOTS students

This is the best training experience I have ever had!!


After years in the church, struggling with arbitraries and uncaring supervisors, I finally have a highly trained Course Sup, CS, Auditor and Key to Life supervisor with me every step of the way on OT6.

Randy Smith knows his material in every detail extremely well.

He is highly intelligent with the best comm cycle and ARC.  

I look forward every day to my training with him because it is fun!

Randy makes sure that I have duplicated the material to be 100% certain that I will  easily be able to do my Solo NOTS.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have been introduced to him and plan on continuing  with him on other auditor training courses after this course, while I am soloing on NOTS – which I am about ready to start!   I am excited!


Another Solo Course Completion


I took the Solo Auditor Course with one other person and Randy as the instructor. It was not only much less expensive to do the course this way but I received much more individualized instruction than I would have in a typical courseroom. Randy did a great job. He checked us out on each HCOB, answered our many questions, and had us drill each E-meter drill thoroughly. Randy is not only a very knowledgeable and capable instructor/auditor but he has a relaxed, friendly manner that made the course fun. I now feel confident using the E-meter and feel I am very well prepared to do the OT levels.

 Jim Treanor (feel free to publish with my name)


One of our first Completions on Solo

S.  is an interned Class IV auditor, who audited for years at a large org in the mid to late 1970’s, but not since then.   Tim and I are very proud of her as one of our first graduates of the Solo Auditor Course, just this week: (Feb 2013).


I just completed the Solo course with Randy.

It was the most rewarding and fun training I’ve had throughout ALL of my training and internships (which have been extensive.)

I received the 50% case gain everyday that one is supposed to achieve with training.

I was blowing charge on former misunderstandings, I was sharpening my skills with full certainty for the first time.

I can’t say enough about Randy as a coach. He has enormous ARC for his students and the subject and makes sure we are winning all the time. His gentle but no-nonsense manner, safely and thoroughly helped me to make 100% standard tech my own for the first time. Plus we had a million laughs.

I am not only ready to do my OT levels but I have a real desire to audit others because of my new found certainty on metering and the mechanics of the auditing process.

Wanting to help others drill this course is also a new game for me. My enormous gratitude goes out to Randy for helping me realize I can play a better game.

– S.

You will also be hearing from her twin and drilling partner on the course, Jim, very shortly as well.