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Wins from Solo NOTS auditing

Success Story
When I started this level I figured I’d be on it for quite some time. After all I know people
who have been on it for 10 or 20 years. But that’s a different organization. We do things
standardly here. That was the first thing I needed to learn.

stellar outburst
I was really surprised how easy it was to get started. Randy came over, with just a couple
days notice, and coached me through the final steps needed to get onto OT VI. Then I did
my first session and have been auditing since–about a year and a half total.

It was a gradient from effect to cause. In earlier sessions the case seemed huge and
interminable and something to be cautious of. But by applying the correct techniques all
worked out well.

I recall one morning I had a bad chest somatic. I’d had those before and
they would always bother me although nothing medically was ever found, fortunately.
Anyway, I went in session and did the correct action and the somatic blew.

Later in the rundown case just became something to handle rather than be concerned about. Toward the end the main effort became finding something to run!

At some point I became aware of theta and postulates being real. That’s something any
beginning Scientologist could tell you but this was more like an earlier win I had on the
drug rundown where I realized the room was there. It was like a new thought or new level
of reality.

Wow. It’s a rehab just writing a success story. My space is calm and peaceful after having
freed up so much case.

As mentioned before I want to thank Randy for his professionalism and caring. He is an
excellent C/S and kept me on track. His only concern was getting me through the level.
There were no additives, no stat pushes, no arbitraries entered. This made the auditing
pleasant and effective. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to move up the

And I want to thank LRH his research and providing us with all this valuable data. I’m
currently listening to the SHSBC lectures and learning more each day.


Latest OT III Completion!

Mary, a college instructor in creative writing, has previously done the Solo Auditor’s Course, OT I and II with us, and we are very proud to announce her completion of OT III.  Here is her success story:

Success Story: OT III

 eye-like space image

Some of the most basic truths in life, the ones foundational to us as spiritual beings, are so simple. The genesis of our “complex” lives, the source of our many troubles and travails, is simple. We are simple beings. But oh, how we have complicated our lives! And how wonderful it is to just BE. I have pulled away the last remaining thread on the “ravell’d sleeve of care,” and I have no interest in knitting on that thing again. In fact, I feel like starting a new, maybe even different, art project! The world is full of wonderful possibilities.

I want to thank Trey Lotz for getting me sorted out and onto my grades, and for being there when I decided to return to the Bridge. I admire his auditing so consistently and well for all of these years.

I want to thank Randy Smith, for his awesome and patient work with me through my Solo Course, OT II, and OT III courses, and for C/Sing me through OT I, OT II, and OT III. I always received wholly standard tech with Randy’s ARCful instruction and instructs, which always included the corresponding LRH references. I knew I could and can trust Randy. He had my back every step of the way on the long, lonesome road I had to walk.

Last, but not least, I must thank L. Ron Hubbard. I am in awe of his gifts to us. Words do not suffice to express my gratitude.

Now I am going to go enjoy my wins as an OT III and see what I can create.

See you all down the road!

With great ARC,

-Mary Blackford

Rave Success Starting on Solo NOTS

Shirley is a veteran, experienced auditor and Case Supervisor, just getting started on Solo NOTS.  She lives in the Northeast US, and is being trained and CSed remotely by us here in Southern California.  Here is her rave success story:

begging dog space image


When I first started Part C of the Solo NOTS checksheet, I was apprehensive.  I’d recently had a major loss, felt adrift, and lacked confidence.  Even though I’m an experienced, trained auditor and CS, I doubted myself.

With Randy’s expert suping, perception and understanding, I started auditing Solo NOTS.

Wow!!! I’m on a persistent FN – those “darned” FNs and Floating TAs!!

Interactiions with people, family, friends and situations smooth out so A to B, I almost can’t believe it!!!

I know Solo NOTS can take some time, but if this is just the start of wins, WOW!!!

It’s a beautiful joy to also know how much this auditing benefits oneself, others and this planet.

My heartfelt thanks to LRH for his caring and this marvelous tech!  Also, to Randy – I couldn’t have gotten here without him.  And to my wonderful auditor and friend Trey Lotz, who has helped me so much and never stopped believing in me.

“My cup runneth over!”

Love,  Shirley

Real Life Wins While On OT III

Mary is a creative writing college instructor, and sent me some of her recent wins while doing OT III:


I’ve had some pretty cool wins in the past couple of days. First, an area on my right back that I was running must’ve been LOADED with charge, or close to the heart of the matter, something. Right after session, about six or seven of my lumbar and thoracic vertebrae on the right side released themselves and adjusted spontaneously. I could hear the “zzzzpp” as they went. I have no more aching or pain on my right side now, either. My back has been a lot more comfortable lately, too. (Oh, yes, did I mention? I couldn’t get back into session for three days because I had a Floating TA or at least a persistent FN for that long!)

Then, I think I really reached (maybe it was basic ARC, TRs and intention, but still) a student who is and was having some serious self-confidence problems about his writing. I have been able to perceive that he’s been through some betrayal about the evaluation of his writing with at least one other instructor, who liked his writing, but failed him for a previous class. Because I am white and female, and he is an older black man, I have wondered if he trusts my writing advice and evaluation. Yesterday, though, he had a big breakthrough. He was hemming and hawing about how to approach an emotionally charged topic he felt strongly about, and he came up to ask my advice multiple times during the writing period.

He finally said, “I feel [this way] about this topic, but…it’s pretty strong, should I say it?” I looked him right in the eye and said, “Go there, M—-. That’s what you need to be writing about.”

I had no doubt I’d really connected with him at that moment. He just nodded. He proceeded to write the best paper I’ve seen him write, with the time he had left, and I have no doubt that this was a breakthrough moment for him. I even wrote him an email after I’d graded his paper that evening to let him know how well he’d done because I knew he’d worry all weekend about it.

Earlier that morning, I was driving to school and some dork in a big SUV pulled out right in front of me as he was exiting the parking lot. I was taken aback and braked and honked, but here’s the kicker: Usually, I feel SO angry and upset about drivers like that, that it stays with me all day, but yesterday, I shook it off! I was a little adrenalized (thanks for the swift reaction time, GE!) but I was barely fazed. Not that I didn’t care if I got into a wreck. That was the last thing I wanted. But I kept looking at the incident every so often and thinking, “I just don’t have the same reaction anymore.” Honestly, before, it was as if I would take out part of my case and chew on it for days after an incident like that.

I also had a thoughtless driver stop behind me as I was backing out of a parking spot yesterday. I was all pissed off as she sat there behind me, adjusting her hair and getting her sunglasses on (no cross traffic to stop her), and I kept thinking she was deliberately being irritating. I was so angry, but as I exited the parking lot, I realized that it wasn’t deliberate; she was just out of PT and clueless! The BPC and anger, which had been entirely my mockup, blew right there! That was amazing, because, like I said, I usually chew on the BPC for some time.

Mary B.


Fresh Wins on OT II Theory Course and Solo Auditing

OT II Theory Success Story

September 3, 2014

In the Indie field, it’s tricky to find well trained and competent course supervisors at the level of OT.

I am VERY fortunate to have been referred to Randy Smith for OT II training. I did my Solo I and II with him, just wrapped up OT II theory, and am now running along very smoothly and confidently in OT II, thanks to Randy’s great course supervision.

Although we had done most of the Solo Auditor Course over Skype –  which was done very standardly with all Study Tech in place – I couldn’t take a week off from work to go to Randy’s area to do the intensive training required for OT II – so Randy offered to come to my town to do the training over a three-day weekend (plus two days). We worked diligently, and by Day 4, I had begun my auditing.

I feel rather spoiled to have had my own personal course supervisor!

Randy always referred me to the correct bulletins if I needed an answer to a tricky
question. He knows precisely what to look for, when you need it. And no verbal data here!
He made sure I really knew my terminology, too.



By the time I began auditing, I felt quite confident that I knew precisely what I was doing, and  I have been HAVING BIG WINS at OT II from Day 1, Session 1.  Its truly like no auditing I have ever done!  And I am just in my first few days on it.

I KNOW what the game is, what to look for, the mechanisms in play, and how to audit this level correctly in the first place, thanks to Randy. The way to audit it right is there, all in the bulletins and tapes by LRH.


So I am very glad to have done this course with Randy Smith! And of course, I have so much admiration for LRH for having pioneered these levels in the first place! “How’d he DO that?”



New OT I completion in the Indie Field

Mary has recently completed her Solo I course, and just last week, did OT I.  Here is her shining success story:

OT I Success Story
Aug. 2, 2014

After a long, long runway, just starting my Solo course and my OT levels are huge wins for me!
So many people focus on OT III that I had no idea this “baby step,” with its simple commands, could lead me to a profound change in viewpoint toward others and my relationships with them.

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

 I realized that my attitude and state of being are not just something I do, alone, but that other beings (no matter what their case level), recognize, too. Because we are all thetans, we really do recognize the state of other beings to some degree (some better than others, but it’s something we all do natively). We project our state onto others, and it is reflected back. So, whatever our state of being, that bounces right back to us!

Things that happen in the theta universe don’t just stay in the theta universe. It’s all translated through flows, intentions, actions, creations, and MEST, including bodies. It’s a big “create-fest” around here! We are art in action, all the time, everywhere! And you just gotta admire the infinite variety of creations! Astounding! Our native state is to create. Not a noun or an adjective, but a verb: “To create.” “To create R us.”

I find myself in much higher ARC with others now, and people (and animals) react to me with higher ARC, too. I seem to attract more higher-toned people! The “smear of fear” that used to occlude my theta perception is gone. The effort to create ARC or reach others’ ARC level is gone. I “just do it.” I can be there comfortably with others much more easily, their case, creations, and all!

stellar outburst

Thanks so much to Ron for finding all these truths, having the courage and tenacity to follow the truths through, to their logical end, then organizing the steps (small and large) of the Bridge so nicely for us.

Thank you to all who persist in keeping Scientology working, too! I especially want to thank my Solo course supe, C/S, and friend, Randy Smith, for being there to deliver tech with care, ARC, and precision! On to OT II! Allonz-y!


Our latest Completions on the Solo NOTS Course – OT VI

Success Story OT VI


I just finished Solo NOTs Part C – OT VI. It’s been wonderful – so many wins, so many interesting sessions, learning how the NOTs case works and how to handle it. Amazing how the lightest touch can much of the time blow off so much, as opposed to the heavy-handed things I had to do in the church.




I made a lot of my goals I was previously unable to make as an auditor, let alone as a Solo auditor.

I’m much more confident of my metering and I have no back off doing L&N, correction lists, or any other auditing action.

I know that I can handle anything that comes up in session! I never had that feeling before.

Randy is wonderful as a supervisor, C/S, and friend. Never invalidative, always encouraging, and he actually validates you when you do it right (without OVER validating you like what happens when you do an extension course in the church).

I’m never afraid to ask a question (for which I’ve been made wrong by the C/S in the church!) and he’s so patient and willing to spend time finding references and answers. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to get onto OT VII, or for any other Bridge action.



OT VI Success Story

The OT VI course was amazing and much more than just a course. It was an internship and a solo auditing action. Along with learning all sorts of valuable and interesting data I was given the chance to address my case and handle conditions that had been left untouched or even aggravated in earlier auditing. It was great to study and then audit in a relaxed environment where the main concern was getting the student trained and the pc audited to an excellent result. There were no additives, no stat pushes, no arbitraries entered. It was as I always thought it should be and I’m sure as LRH intended.

At the beginning of the course I had quite a few somatics. Now I have quite a few less. I also have confidence I can handle the rest of my case and get through OT VII. What more could I ask for?

I want to thank Randy for his patience and caring. He is an excellent C/S and I would
recommend him to anyone.

I want to thank those who put together the course materials and ensured they are

And I want to thank LRH for all he has done.


Recently “out” Class VIII OT 8 has wins on study in the Indie Field

I am new to the Indie field but have been a Scientologist
for over 40 years with a lot of training under my belt.

I just got my first spot check by Randy and it was fantastic!
Because of Randy’s ARC and purpose of addressing ones
understanding instead of roteness, I cognited that the checkout
is an extension of your understanding –  not to find out what you
This will make my studying and participation in this course
much more enjoyable for me.

Thanks Randy for giving me a standard checkout the way
LRH would have done it.


Bruce Taylor
Class 8 OT 8

Win on the Solo NOTS Course

On the Solo NOTS course, also called OT VI, one learns the data and tools to successfully solo on OT VII.  Toward the end of OT VI, one does quite a lot of solo auditing, gaining experience and expertise with the tools.  Here is a recent success story from one of our student Solo NOTS auditors:


stellar outburst

” I noticed a change as I was auditing this week on OT VI.  After looking it over I realized that I had exteriorized from my case.  I could see how the environment affected my case, and the reactions, but could also see they were not my reactions.  It seems more confrontable now that there is that intervening space between me and the case being handled on this level.

“I can also say that I really enjoy auditing on this level.  It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

“I would like to thank Randy for his encouragement and  for keeping me me going in the correct direction with Ron’s Standard Tech.”



College Professor Benefits from Solo Auditor Training

Mary teaches English and Literature at a college here in California. She sent me this win recently, from the Solo Auditor Course:


Dear Randy:

I just want to express how happy and grateful I am to be working with you on my Solo course. We do a lot of little detours and some important word clearing that are valuable to me in life as well as in auditing.


For example, we talked about the overt cycle * (involving misunderstood words (MUs) or symbols) today, and I feel so much better about being around critical students (and knowing precisely where all that comes from)! Just knowing where all this comes from takes the stigma and guilt off me as an instructor, and also relieves me of having to target my students as “bad” or “difficult” students. Good grief, they’re suffering from MUs! Simple! (Of course, I do all I can to educate students about MUs, but you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.)

There are also unexpected benefits to the detouring and “off-the-beaten-path” word clearing—things such as learning what BPC* truly means. For realz, not thinking I’d “missed” spotting some BPC on a PC! Omg. So much self-blame all this time! So much “en garde” against MISSING ANYTHING OR MAKING ANY ERROR on a PC! What relief!

It’s amazing to me that I have been so ready to blame myself for my students’ bad attitudes, for overts in auditing that I didn’t commit, or to think I “lacked” in some way because I felt a certain way about things. (Yeah. The sensitivity to restimulative TV shows.)

Your patience, generosity, and ability to grant beingness to futzy (oh, there I go again!) students is wonderful and remarkable, and I am so glad to be your student.

And as a bonus, holy cow, I get all exterior and motivated and excited and uptone and stuff. Niiiice!

I look forward to working with you for a very long time.


Mary Blackford

*  Cycle of an Overt – It goes like this.  1) a being doesn’t get the meaning of a word or symbol. 2) This causes the being to misunderstand the area of the symbol or word (who used it, whatever it applied to). 3) This causes the being to feel different from or antagonized toward the user or whatever of the symbol and so makes it all right to commit an overt.  4) Having committed the overt, the being now feels he has to have a motivator and so feels caved in.  This is the stuff of which Hades is made.  This is the trap.  This is why people get sick.  This is stupidity and lack of ability”  L. Ron Hubbard HCOB 8 Sept 64

*BPC = By-passed Charge.  1.  Mental energy or mass that has been restimulated in some way in an individual, and that is either partially or wholly unknown to that individual and so is capable of affecting him adversely -L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Abridged Dictionary