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We are available 7 days a week, by appointment.


We will work with you and your twin in arranging a schedule we can all live with.  Typically we will get together two or more times per week, as a minimum, but can arrange to train you as intensively as you are able.

We don’t use a bricks and mortar quarters.  We arrange to come to your home or business for a minimum of two and 1/2  hours per training session.

We will be spot checking what you and your twin have studied since the previous training session (4-6 issues at at time, is recommended-Theory) and we will be directly supervising and checking you out on your drills and Practical, making sure you are confident and competent at each stage of the course.

If you are living outside the LA area, we may still be able to assist you in your training – ask us about that.

Our fees are, we think, quite affordable, contact us for details.

Please use the following form to ask us questions about our service, and we will respond promptly:

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