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Fresh Gains on OT IV

 Here is my success story:

This OT Drug rundown level was really amazing.  I feel more in control of my actions as a first dynamic, more self determined.  I realized that I was under the control of the fourth dynamic and whereas I felt regaining my own determinism, I became aware of the exact mechanism in which the drug incidents made me less powerful as a Thetan, therefore as an individual.

The more I progressed into this level, the more I felt my self determinism increase exponentially.  The World around me looked brighter and the colors became more vivid, feelings of happiness pervaded me.  It is however not easy to express all these feelings into simple words. I wish everyone would feel the same way and could have the same wins that I had.
Thank you to my auditor and to L. Ron Hubbard to have given to us such amazing technology, the unique opportunity to go free, truly free.
Once again.


G. C.

1 Comment

  1. Nick says:

    nice to know about your victory!

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