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Completion of Original OT 7

Rehabilitation of the ability to project intention

Note: This is one of the levels that the Church stopped delivering in the early 1980’s. It is best done after the Ned for OTs levels. As you will see – it delivers astounding gains in ability. – Randy

What an OT Level!
How much have I longed for this moment for eons of years – to regain the ability to project intention.

This is something very special for me. And I guess for every thetan.

With this ability regained I can do so much more for all the dynamics.

And I will definitely use it very much and with great care for the greatest number of dynamics.

I feel a great calmness, a quality of calmness which I didn’t know before.

These Original OT Levels are so important. They really make you w-a-l-k as an OT.

Ron, to have a friend like you is so valuable that I have no words for it.

I feel so close to you already and I am very confident that we will have a very bright future all together. THANKS SO MUCH.

And, Randy, to be case supervised by you is really something. I always feel 100 per cent duplicated by you, 100 per cent understood. And every moment you C/S you just do the exact thing needed. Thank you so much.

Ingrid Hoffman

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